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Rosalyn Cautious Never Afraid book is about the travels all over the world. She went to Alaska & took her grown chickens from baby chicks in mason jars to eat during her months of touring there. When they got empty she canned from her RV w/ $2 hook up from houses the clams she dug right back in the jars. She went to India & saw how the people use the river, to wash, to do laundry, to boat, & to spread the ashes of their dead. There is a lot of wrong calculations with the money changers. A fast, good, informative read from a LOCAL lady as the author.

Book of Virtues- a conglomeration of books & stories. Things from the Bible & things from Aesop Fables. The world was made in 6 days & God rested on the 7th day. Daniel & the Lion's Den. The turtle & the hare. A good read, don't care for that one, it is over before you know it & on to the next one.

Fake News Nation is telling you that not everything on TV & media or books is true. There are lies & misrepresentations. It could be in business or politics.

The Housekeeper & the Professor- very interesting book of a guy that hurt his head & could remember only about 80 min. He had to put sticky notes over everything. Each day had to start from scratch a new world again. He had a housekeeper to stay w/him & he went thru 1 after another til he got a lady that stayed quite awhile & even got to bring her elementary age son with her to take care of him. The agency found a problem with that and fired her. Terrible situation next housekeeper horrible again. Finally got the one that worked back. Very eye opening book.

Suzanne Collins’ latest book The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was a really well done prequel. It showed some interesting twists and added to the Hunger Games series. However there seemed to be quite a few loose ends. I would love to see another book come out!!

Book of Virtues. Pieces of lots of things like from the Bible: Story of Creation, Good Samaritan, etc. There were Aesop Fables like: Hansel & Gretel & The Rabbit & the Turtle, etc. Very thick book 817 pages. A good read for all.

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