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9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan Entertaining short stories as a follow-up to the Magnus Chase series.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black kicks off a start of a series in the land of Faerie. Jude and her sisters, mere humans, move to the land where they are despised. Jude encounters so many twists and turns. Jude learns to fight, duels, is involved in’s a great read!

Pitchin’ a Fit! By Israel and Brook Wayne. A biblical approach to parenting. The authors show how stress and anger impact the way we parent and how we become ‘meanie monsters’. Great and easy read! Nice reminder of how parents are in this together.

Coming Home:Baxters Stand-alone Not the ending I was anticipating but not at all disappointed.

Fairest by Marissa Mayer - This was a fantasy book (based on a fairy tale) and is a series. Fairest is about two ruthless and spoiled princess sisters and how they adapt in ruling their country after their parents are murdered.

The First World War - Michael Howard: This was a very detailed book describing historic events, the countries involved and the politics that started the first World War. Details from armies, newly formed air force and submarine warfare.

Sarah's Song by Karen Kingsbury Sweet story of a woman, at the end of her life, still reaching out and having an impact on those around her.

Crewel World by Monica Ferris Lighthearted mystery with a cross stitch pattern to use at the end.

Harriet Tubman by Kitson Jazynka An amazing woman of great strength and fortitude. Courageous and humble.Quick, easy read.

Punishment Without Crime: ... by Alexandra Natapoff This was well written with much documented material. It was easy to read in that it did not use an over abundance of legal terminology however it was hard to read the crewel injustices our legal system has allowed.
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