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9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan Entertaining short stories as a follow-up to the Magnus Chase series.

Falling for Rapunzel loved this book kept my attention

Small night and dragon was so good love how they play ball instead of fight and become friends.

The kight and dragon love this book so fun to read and easy

I love Warriors forest of secrets

Hank the cowdog:let sleeping dogs lie is one of the funniest books I have read

I the action in and adventure in Bravelands: shifting shadows

Kindness makes the world go round with elmo my 3 yr old loves it she wants me and eveyone to read it to her a hundred times a day. So if u looking for a good book u kid will love its that one.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black kicks off a start of a series in the land of Faerie. Jude and her sisters, mere humans, move to the land where they are despised. Jude encounters so many twists and turns. Jude learns to fight, duels, is involved in’s a great read!

Pitchin’ a Fit! By Israel and Brook Wayne. A biblical approach to parenting. The authors show how stress and anger impact the way we parent and how we become ‘meanie monsters’. Great and easy read! Nice reminder of how parents are in this together.
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